SPONSORS Conferences

The annual SPONSORs conferences cover all aspects of relevance to the industry and, with a cumulative total of 300 speakers and 3,200 participants, are the leading events in their respective fields in Europe. Besides the transfer of practical knowledge, the conferences are also an ideal platform to introduce SPOAC students to selected participants.

SPONSORS Business Summit

Leading names, controversial discussions and coverage of all topics of relevance to the industry: At the SpoBiS, the leading decision-makers from the sports business industry meet over a two-day period. Indeed, with more than 2.000 participants, the SPOBIS is Europe’s leading meeting place for the sports business industry.

SPONSORS Sports Media Summit

The media-related aspects of the sports business industry are forever changing. Existing business models are being complemented, replaced and challenged. The industry is seeking digital growth opportunities. At the SPONSORS Sports Media Summit, sports rights holders, media, IT specialists, lateral thinkers and sponsors discuss rights usage and (new) potential for capitalisation through social media, second screen media, e-commerce, online marketing, big data, and CRM as well as the classic media.