Bewerbungsschluss: 15. August 2018
Programmstart: 10. September 2018




Think outside of the box and develop new growth impulses for you and your business


Let yourself be inspired by topics and trends that will shape sports business in the next few years


Extend your professional network to top decision-makers and establish personal contacts with influencers in the sports business industry


Lay the foundation for attractive salary and career development

The goal of Sports Business Academy by WHU (SPOAC) is to provide future leaders with a skill and mindset as well as a network that makes a difference in the sports business industry.

 The same applies to individuals already working in sports business who want to take the next step, as well as to former competitive athletes and talented newcomers.

 The "General Management Program in Sports Business" (GMP) is the "game changer" for a successful career in sports business.


Today's digital and dynamic world offers endless opportunities for professional and personal development. To truly achieve ones potential, experience, new ideas and faith in oneself are crucial. Only with the right mindset can you make the most of yourself. SPOAC helps you share experiences, dissolve traditional thinking patterns and generate innovative growth impulses. To keep that promise, we've incorporated content into SPOAC to help you change your perspective. 

For example, we include:

  • A consciously controlled "interdisciplinary approach" of the students, instructors and guest lecturers
  • National and international "Harvard Business Cases" as a basis for an intensive group discussion
  • A "Consulting Field Study", in which you assume the role of a strategy consultant
  • A comprehensive personality analysis using the "Birkman Method"

Eileen Hoffmann GMP-Graduate 2017


The sports business sector is increasingly shaped by progressive technology and digitization. In order to remain credible and successful in this dynamic environment, a broad knowledge base is indispensable. As a student of SPOAC you get greater insights into current trends and new business potential. This knowledge will support you in your personal development and will give you the decisive edge for a successful career in sports business. 


You develop your expertise significantly through:

  • A curriculum that focuses on current sector "Growth and pain issues"
  • Processing and discussing current "Harvard Business Cases" on current sports business topics
  • The unique on-site experience at the "International Field Trips" in Shanghai and Madrid
  • Processing your own "Personal Mastery Project" during the period of study.

Florian Dederichs GMP-Graduate 2017


Sports business is people business. For a successful career in sports business, you need an outstanding network. For this reason, we place great emphasis on networking with motivated like-minded people and give you access to high-ranking decision-makers from the sports business industry. 


For example, we accomplish this by:

  • Hand-picked students in the training modules
  • A faculty that consists of outstanding instructors with many years of international teaching experience
  • A unique selection of distinguished lecturers who have shaped the development of the sector
  • An invitation to SPOBIS events, which are among the leading trade conferences in Europe with more than 4,000 participants
  • Invitations to so-called "Invitation Only Events", where you can network with high-ranking decision-makers from the sports business industry
  • Membership in the "SPOAC Graduate Club" after successful participation in the "General Management Program in Sports Business"



Uwe Müller GMP-Graduate 2017


Vocational training is equivalent to increasing one's own market value. SPOAC helps you build important contacts and acquire specific knowledge to maximize your personal market value. The multi-faceted competence development ideally prepares you for new challenges in sports business and also gives your salary development a significant boost.

We have proven this conviction with a survey of SPOAC graduates. Result: In most cases, the "General Management Program in Sports Business" was the decisive step for both steep career advancement and an attractive salary development of our graduates. 


The survey showed that:

  • 62% of graduates received a salary increase no later than one year after participating in the GMP
  • Annual salary increases by an average of EUR 8,000 up to one year after participating in the GMP
  • 69% of graduates received more budget responsibility up to one year after participating in the GMP
  • 42% of the graduates received more personnel responsibility up to one year after participating in the GMP
  • 88% of graduates moved closer to their personal career goals by participating in the GMP
  • 88% of graduates felt better prepared for specific challenges in the sports business industry because of their participation in the GMP

Max Eber-Ischinger GMP-Graduate 2016


The General Management Program in Sports Business, jointly developed by SPONSORs and the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, is an advanced work-study programme for future leaders in the sports business industry and “ high potentials” from adjacent business sectors. The program content and selection of faculty are based on the latest scientific findings and most current industry trends. Cooperation agreements with the leading institutions and companies in the sports industry guarantee the best possible combination of science and industry practice.

In the age of digital transformation, fundamental changes to the development, production, marketing and sale of content are everyday occurrences. New business models are created overnight, while established ones disappear just as quickly. Consequently, the subject of digitalisation permeates every module in the General Management Program.

Apply now!

Please submit your application for the General Management Program in Sports Business at the SPOAC electronically, including the following documents:

  • Proof of a first degree (e.g. bachelor’s degree or equivalent)
  • Proof of at least two years of professional postgraduate experience
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Convincing letter of motivation (min. 500 words)
  • English language skills (TOEFL > 100 Points or an alternative SPOAC-Test)

In exceptional cases, special achievements in sport and business (e.g. professional athlete, self-employed entrepreneur) may be accepted instead of a university degree.

Personal study advice

Please contact us should you have questions about the SPOAC, the General Management Program, the application procedure, or the admission requirements.

The SPOAC will also gladly provide personal advice regarding aspects such as:

  • Educational leave for employees
  • Program fee tax deductibility
  • Information on attractive financing options through WHU Brain Capital GmbH

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