All Dates for the
"General Management Program in Sports Business"
in 2018/19

September 10-12 2018 (Campus Düsseldorf, Germany)
STRATEGY IN ACTION - How to shape for the long term and take action in the short term

October 17-19 2018 (Campus Düsseldorf, Germany)
FROM TRADITIONAL TO NEW MEDIA - Examining Business models and defining revenue potentials

November 22-24 2018 (Campus Düsseldorf, Germany)
LEADERSHIP - How to become and act as a leader

December 12-14 2018 (Campus Düsseldorf, Germany)
FROM IDEA TO IMPACT - How to act as an entrepreneuer and to develop new business models

February 11-13 2019 (Campus Düsseldorf, Germany)
ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE - How to effectively acquire and invest capital

March 2019 (Campus Düsseldorf, Germany)
SALES - FROM CONTACT TO CONTRACT - How to acquire projects and develop customers

April 2019 (Shanghai, China)
INTERNATIONALIZATION - How to conquer new horizons

May 2019 (Campus Düsseldorf, Germany)
CONSULTING FIELD STUDY - Work as a strategic consultant

May 2019 (GSIC Madrid, Spain)
SPORTS MARKETING - How to address markets successfully

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