Die digitale und dynamische Welt von heute bietet unendlich viele Möglichkeiten zur beruflichen und persönlichen Entfaltung. Doch um die eigenen Potentiale wirklich auszuschöpfen, sind Erfahrungen, neue Ideen und der Glaube an sich selbst entscheidend. Nur mit dem richtigen Mindset kannst du das Beste aus dir herausholen.

Die SPOAC hilft dir dabei, Erfahrungen auszutauschen, traditionelle Denkmuster aufzulösen und innovative Wachstumsimpulse zu generieren. Um dieses Versprechen einzuhalten, haben wir Inhalte in die SPOAC integriert, die dich bei deinem Perspektivwechsel unterstützen.

Interdisciplinary approach

SPOAC guarantees deep insights into the diversity of the sports business sector - we ensure this not only by the composition of the students, but also by the selection of our instructors and guest speakers. The various prior experiences of all attendees enable a creative and diversified learning and discussion culture at on-site events. Through different perspectives during the modules (including sports, media, sponsorship) you will learn to solve problems with new, promising approaches.

Harvard Case Method

Integrating real sports business case studies into the curriculum requires you and your fellow students to discuss and solve management tasks in a practical way. Our experienced professors lead the discussion and actively involve all attendees in a collaborative solution of the cases. The professionally guided discussion promotes your practical and solution-oriented way of thinking and guarantees you lasting learning success.

Personality diagnosis

As part of SPOAC, you get an individualized, multi-dimensional map of your own personality, which is created based on a sociological profile. After evaluating a web-based questionnaire, a detailed and confidential one-on-one interview with an expert follows to identify your individual strengths and potentials. Your personality profile is created using the Birkman method, which is trusted by over 4 million people and more than 5,000 organizations worldwide.

Consulting Field Study

In the "Consulting Field Study" module, you switch to the role of a strategy consultant and develop a recommendation for one of the SPOAC partner companies in a team and under the guidance of experienced mentors.

You are provided with methods and tools for problem structuring and solution from the consulting industry. Through independent development, synthesis and presentation of solution approaches by the team, you further develop your problem-solving skills decisively.

Die Sportbusiness-Branche wird zunehmend durch die fortschreitende Technologisierung und Digitalisierung geprägt. Um in diesem dynamischen Umfeld langfristig glaubhaft und erfolgreich zu sein, ist eine breite Wissensbasis unabdingbar.

Als Teilnehmer der SPOAC bekommst du tiefe Einblicke in aktuelle Trends und neue Businesspotenziale. Dieses Wissen wird dich in deiner persönlichen Entfaltung unterstützen und dir den entscheidenden Vorsprung für eine erfolgreiche Karriere im Sportbusiness geben.

Concentration on growth areas

The close and regular exchange between SPONSORs, the Center for Sports and Management (CSM) at WHU and SPOAC partners guarantees you a unique focus on current growth topics in the sports business sector. These focus areas include topics such as internationalization, digitization or eSport which not only offer football clubs new opportunities to develop innovative business models and increase their growth, but also decide on the future sustainability of the sport in general.

Harvard Business Cases

Topics such as the internationalization of FC Bayern München in China or the innovation management of TSG Hoffenheim will be prepared by you and your fellow students based on real-life case studies, so-called Harvard Business Cases, and discussed in class during the modules. The lively discussion based on real case studies will reinforce what you have learned and will remain in your memory for a long time. 

Personal Mastery Project

You will develop your own so-called "Personal Mastery Project" (PMP) during participation in the GMP. The project theme will be defined together with your employer and/or Academic Director of SPOAC and will be further developed in the time slots provided during the nine GMP modules.

The PMP offers you the opportunity, under the guidance of experts, to deeply understand a topic and develop a solution for a problem or a business plan for a business idea.

At the end of the period of study, the PMP is handed in as a written paper and presented to an expert jury and the other students.

International Field Trips

The ongoing digitization is giving sports organizations new opportunities to engage with fans in both national and international markets and drive growth. But how do sports markets work in Spain, the US or China? For example, what challenges must Bundesliga clubs face in the course of internationalization in order to successfully position their brand in foreign markets?

We address these questions in the "Internationalization in a Digital World" module, which has brought us several times to Shanghai, China, where we have a broad network of national and international sports business decision-makers who can help you understand the cultural realities of the Asian sports market and provide deep insights into their daily work.

Sportbusiness ist People-Business. Für eine erfolgreiche Karriere im Sportbusiness brauchst du ein herausragendes Netzwerk. Aus diesem Grund legen wir großen Wert darauf, dich mit motivierten Gleichgesinnten zu vernetzen und dir den Zugang zu hochrangigen Entscheidern aus dem Sportbusiness zu ermöglichen.


Experience shows that the hand-picked circle of SPOAC students becomes a trusting class group within a very short time. Friends who share experiences on campus, during the international modules in Madrid and Shanghai, or the SPOBIS summits in Düsseldorf and Cologne, remain connected on a personal level in the long term.    

They all share the goal of taking matters into their own hands and striving for a successful career in the sports business industry. Therefore, the best prerequisite is to include motivated and career-oriented personalities in your closest network and shape the future together!

Faculty members

The SPOAC faculty consists of outstanding professors or experts from various disciplines. Beyond in-depth, theoretical and scientific expertise, the instructors also have a wealth of practical experience. They have all taught at the world's most prestigious universities (such as Harvard University, University of Cambridge) and have research and consulting mandates with global market leaders. Participation in SPOAC enables you to have an intensive and personal exchange on an equal footing so that you can get the most out of working with our instructors.


Guest lecturers

You will experience up to 20 distinguished guest lecturers from the sports business industry during the "General Management Program". They all bring practical experience to our key topics and seamlessly connect to the previously taught content of the respective modules, so that a high-level professional discussion takes place. At the same time, SPOAC offers an intimate setting in which you personally get to know our guest lecturers and thus get unfiltered answers that rarely find their way into the public.


Participation in SPOBIS summits

Annual SPOBIS summits are part of the curriculum and, with a cumulative total of 300 speakers and 4,000 participants, are among the leading B2B events in the sports business industry in Europe.

Besides the transfer of practical knowledge, the conferences are also an ideal platform for you to meet selected participants and speakers and to sustainably develop your network. In order to guarantee you the greatest possible added value, we introduce you to high-profile sector representatives.


In addition to SPOBIS summits, you will be invited to so-called "Invitation-only Events", which are largely distinguished by high-profile participants who personally invite SPONSORs from its more than 10,000 contacts in the sports business network.

The SPONSORs Open House, to which SPONSORs invites the most important customers and partners to Hamburg every year, is just as much a part of it as the exclusive SPOBIS pre-opener on the eve of SPOBIS.

Graduate Club

Even after you've successfully graduated from SPOAC, you'll continue to benefit from the SPONSORs, SPOAC and WHU network. As a member of the SPOAC Graduate Club, you will continue to receive free access to SPOBIS and participate in exclusive Graduate Club events such as the annual Graduation Ceremony, the Graduate Club Pre-Opener before SPOBIS or the annual Graduate Club Weekend.

Eine berufsorientierte Weiterbildung ist gleichzusetzen mit einer Erhöhung des eigenen Marktwertes. Die SPOAC hilft dir dabei, wichtige Kontakte aufzubauen und spezifisches Wissen anzureichern, um deinen persönlichen Marktwert zu maximieren. Der vielschichtige Kompetenzaufbau bereitet dich ideal auf neue Herausforderungen im Sportbusiness vor und gibt auch deiner Gehaltsentwicklung den entscheidenden Boost.

Diese Überzeugung haben wir mit einer Umfrage unter SPOAC Absolventen belegt. Ergebnis: Das „General Management Program in Sports Business“ war in den meisten Fällen die ausschlaggebende Weichenstellung sowohl für einen steilen Karriereaufstieg als auch eine attraktive Gehaltsentwicklung unserer Absolventen.




62% der Graduates haben zwischen Start des GMP und ein Jahr nach Beendigung eine Gehaltserhöhung erhalten.

Im Durchschnitt verdient ein SPOAC Absolvent bis ein Jahr nach Beendigung des GMP rund 8.000€ mehr als zu Beginn des Studiums.



92% der Graduates empfehlen das GMP weiter, um den nächsten Karriereschritt zu machen.



81% der Graduates haben sich zwischen Start des GMP und ein Jahr nach Beendigung beruflich verändert.

Zudem haben über 69% der Absolventen bis ein Jahr nach GMP-Abschluss mehr Budgetverantwortung und 42% der Graduates mehr Personalverantwortung für ihren Tätigkeitsbereich erhalten.

Career counseling

Reflection on one's own abilities and personality plays a decisive role in achieving career goals. To be able to analyze and exploit existing potentials, you have the opportunity to participate in personal coaching and obtain career advice from the SPONSORs management team.

Tax refunds due to disclosing professional expenses

The "General Management Program in Sports Business" (GMP) is an extra-occupational and work related training that prepares you for a leadership role in the sports business industry. Therefore, according to current legislation, it is possible for you to include the GMP tuition in the annual income tax return as professional expenses.