(March 2019 - Campus Düsseldorf, Germany)

Sales - From Contact to Contract

How to acquiring projects and develop customers

Module “Sales - From Contact to Contract” covers all sales aspects of business-to-business relations. It examines important situations in the acquisition of customer projects, customer relationship management, and sales staff management. Decisive acquisition situations include preliminary discussions, pitches to top decision-makers, and price negotiations, for example. Conflict situations such as additional services in fixed-rate contracts, effective networking and crucial management situations (e.g. status discussions on the project pipeline) are also covered. The module contents are applied directly in case studies and role plays.

Sample questions:

  • How can I discern whether I merely serve as a price benchmark during a pitch and do not stand a chance of winning the contract?
  • Which negotiation tactics and tricks can I prepare myself for?
  • How can I deal with sales employees who threaten to leave for a direct competitor?

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Guiding Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Ove Jensen

Ove holds the Chair of Sales Management and B2B Marketing at WHU. His focus areas include consultative selling, price management, and sales force leadership. Before his academic career, Ove was the managing director of a consulting company and market research organisation. Today, he supports companies with management seminars and as a project mentor. Over the past few years, over 1,000 managers have participated in his seminars. He is the founding editor of the Sales Management Review, and has delivered keynote speeches at countless sales conferences.

Industry Experts in previous years

Carsten Cramer

Director Sales, Marketing & Business Development
Borussia Dortmund

Philipp Radel


Joachim Hilke

Fanatics Germany