Admission requirements  

for the MBA at the WHU

(Excerpt from the MBA examination regulations of 11 September 2012)

The selection of participants with outstanding qualifications ensures the highest possible quality within the MBA class. The WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management has defined criteria for admission to this end:

  1. Applications for the Part-Time MBA must be submitted via email.
  2. Individuals must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply for the Part-Time MBA:

    1. Degree completed at a German university, or an equivalent qualification from a foreign university (minimum of 210 ECTS credit points obtained). If an applicant does not have enough credit points, the extent to which their professional experience qualifies them for admission will be considered. The admissions board will decide on the applicant’s eligibility.
    2. Proof of at least two years of professional experience; in exceptional cases, applicants with slightly less experience may be admitted to the course.
    3. Proof of proficiency in English (if the applicant is not an English native speaker) in the form of a TOEFL or IELTS test certificate confirming the minimum number of points set by the Senate, a degree from a university in an English-speaking country, experience abroad, or any other comparable experience (e.g. professional experience in an English-speaking company). The admissions board will decide on the applicant’s eligibility.
    4. Proof of completion of the General Management Admission Test (GMAT) with confirmation of the minimum number of points set by the Senate. The GMAT may not be required if the applicant is able to provide proof of a master’s degree, Diplom, or relevant professional experience. The admissions board will decide what professional experience is relevant. The admissions board will decide on individual cases.
    5. Successful participation in a selection procedure approved by the WHU Senate.

  3. The applicant must prove that they meet the requirements detailed in (2) 1–5 with the according proof. Moreover, they must submit a written declaration stating whether they were already unsuccessful in an MBA examination, an examination procedure is currently under way, or they have been exmatriculated from an MBA course.
  4. The chair of the admissions board will have the final say on admission.
  5. Admission may be denied if:

    1. The criteria outlined in (2) are not fulfilled.
    2. The documents submitted are incomplete.
    3. The applicant failed the MBA examination in an economics subject at a German or foreign university.
    4. The applicant is unable to provide the proof of exam achievements required for this course due to the number of failed attempts at other universities pursuant to § 18 para. 1. of the MBA examination regulations.
    5. An examination procedure in another MBA course is already under way at another university.
    6. Admission can moreover be denied if an applicant was exmatriculated for reasons other than those detailed in (5).