Would you like to build a career in the Sports Business?

Then we have just the right thing for you. Apply now for the SPOAC scholarship and have the “Experience of your Lifetime”.

The “Experience of your Lifetime” consists of four different modules and sends you on a one-of-a-kind trip into the world of the international sports business for one year.


SPOAC takes you along on an exclusive trip to five different top sports events and invites you to take a look behind the curtain at these major international events. Between September 2017 and August 2018, you’ll see the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the Final Four of the EHF Champions League in Cologne, Germany, and a Champions League match with Real Madrid in the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid, Spain. We’ll also take you along to two additional event series growing in popularity: the new Drone Champions League at a salt mine in Turda, Romania, and an e-sports event by ESL in Katowice, Poland.

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You’ll be part of the "Class of 2018" of the General Management Program in Sports Business (GMP) at SPOAC, which means you’ll go through one of the leading educational programs tailored to the European sports business. The nine GMP modules are each focused on specific, current issues in the industry, such as internationalization and digitalization, and give you the best preparation for your future management responsibilities in the sports business. The modules use the Harvard Case Method to show you how best cases in the sports business work. We also invite the greatest managers in the market as guest lecturers, so you can experience them up close and personal.


Awareness of one’s own personality and its potential is crucial for both professional and personal success and determines the individual strategies to achieve it.

Using the Birkman Method, trusted by more than 4 million people and more than 5,000 organisations around the world, we work with you to create a multidimensional map of your personality and show you your individual strengths and potential with visuals.

This allows you to better define and steer your career path according to your entirely personal needs and wishes.

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The SPOBIS Congresses are THE meeting place for managers in the European sports business. With more than 3.000 people participating in the three different events dedicated to General Sports Business Issues, Gaming and Media Issues and Club Management Issues, there is no other series of events that comes close in terms of networking and swapping stories with movers and shakers in the field.

You’ll receive a personal VIP ticket to all three SPOBIS events and exclusive access to the Speakers Lounge and the subsequent After Show Party. There’s no better place for building a first-class network.


Application process
"Experience of your Lifetime"

Unfortunately the deadline for this years scholarship has expired on May 31st 2017. Please try again next year. 


Application process
"Experience of your Lifetime"

The deadline for submitting your application for the SPOAC scholarship and winning the “Experience of your Lifetime” is 31 May 2017.

Here’s how to do it: 

Before the deadline expires, upload the following documents in their entirety using the form below.

  • Your current and complete resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A short essay, in english language, answering one of the questions below regarding future issues in the sports business (no more than 2,500 characters including spaces, using english language (US) Arial 11pt font, in PDF format)

       Choose one of the following question sets:

  1. European football clubs identify great growth potential in internationalisation. Which markets would you focus on and why, and what aims would you pursue there?

  2. Another fast-growing field is digitalisation in sports. Imagine you’re given the opportunity to reintroduce the topic from scratch at a football club and you have to present your ideas to the CEO. Which recommendations would you make regarding the needed resources, investments and forecast revenues?

  3. Around the world, e-sport is on the rise. Leagues and associations are being established, while prize amounts climb sky high. More and more sponsors are discovering that e-sport leagues and events are a new playing field for increasing brand awareness and positioning brands successfully. Explain your reasoning for or against entering the field of e-sports from the perspective of the marketing head of a soft drink producer with global operations.

Please only use the online form below to send us your application.


For further questions about SPOAC or the SPOAC Scholarships:

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